Thursday, 6 August 2009


Hi all,
I'm Deb, and I'm about to start posting my knitting designs on - a crafty website for knitters, crocheters and the like to meet and share ideas. I live in Wales and have 3 kids, 2 dogs and a fish. Here's a weird thing- I do not currently know I have this blog; as a matter of fact, at this moment in time, I am most likely running around making breakfast for my children, being followed around by my 2 labradoodles whilst pushing the hoover in front of me and dragging a duster behind! So, as I speak (though I don't actually know I'm speaking) my sister is creating this blog so that I have somewhere to display my knitting designs; I'm a busy woman, but still manage to find a spare moment in the day to get my knitting fix. I've been knitting for many years and have now started creating my own patterns which are brilliant! (bear in mind the previous paragraph; I am not bragging, blowing my own trumpet or showing off as I am in fact not writing this; I am blissfully unaware of telling you how superly awesome I am. In fact, I am the best sister in the world.)

So that's a bit about me,
I do hope I like what I've written about myself!

Debra. (...and Kat, the true author and Deb-admirer of this post.)